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What We Offer

EneRate Credit Cover® is an insurance product for clean energy industry investors, developers, and financiers who want to increase their deal velocity. Our policies help to open up financing possibilities for the untapped middle market and unrated or below investment grade organizations by insuring offtaker payment default risk. EneRate Credit Cover® is commonly used on commercial and industrial (C&I) and utility-scale solar, energy efficiency, and other renewable, clean, and distributed energy projects.

How It Works

Energetic Insurance® works with project stakeholders to protect financial losses on clean energy and energy efficiency projects. When a stakeholder submits a project, our industry-leading tech stack and team expertly assess the underlying risks. We underwrite and price reasonable risks, and bind policies that provide financiers and developers with confidence that they will receive principal and interest payments in the case of offtaker default and insolvency. Our policies are backed by leading global reinsurance – meaning developers and financiers benefit from our insurance partners' AA - /Aa3 credit ratings in lieu of the offtakers'.


Greenfield Energy Projects

Our policies can be used on new developments, including distributed energy resources (DERs), energy efficiency on new builds, energy efficiency retrofits, on-site solar, community solar, utility-scale solar, and virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) projects.

Refinancing, Roll-Ups,
& Securitizations

For operating renewable energy and efficiency projects with C&I offtakers, Energetic Insurance® helps asset owners restructure their debt by addressing the credit risk in each project. EneRate Credit Cover® can lower the cost of capital for the asset owner by giving lenders the certainty they need to extend credit.


  • Renewable energy project developers

  • Energy service providers

  • Bank and non-bank lenders

  • Tax equity providers

  • Institutional investors

  • Private equity



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Scale your market

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