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October 8, 2021                                    PR Web

Energetic Insurance Closes Series A Round

"We believe Energetic Insurance is a key to enabling our industry to achieve this scale because their product enables all kinds of businesses – not just the giant investment-grade corporations – to adopt renewable and energy efficiency."

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Jan. 25, 2021                  Power, Finance, & Risk

Power Finance & Risk, Hedging and Offtaker Strategies Roundtable

"What we're seeing now is that those large tech companies are pushing 100% renewable requirements down through their supply chain, which means less creditworthy counterparties. How do you get financiers comfortable with some of those risks?" - Jeff McAulay, Co-Founder, Energetic Insurance

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August 17, 2020                           Insurance Day

MGAs are best placed to lead the industry’s response to climate change

"It is this type of risk partnering that will drive the acceleration of renewables at sufficient volume and velocity to enable transition economy targets. In so doing, they [Energetic Insurance] will make the seemingly impossible possible and make the uninsurable insurable." - Shân Millie

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May 20, 2020               Norton Rose 

Ep 100: Energetic Insurance: Removing the Risk in Solar Financings 

James Bowen, co-founder of Energetic Insurance, joins us to discuss his company’s story and the problems that its insurance policy solves. We get into who should consider using the product, the value proposition, who benefits, how the policy helps when there is a lack of tax equity and more.


August 19, 2021               Dynamo Energy Hub

Member Spotlight: Energetic Insurance

"Our goal is to help advance renewable energy by taking on risks that are holding back the market." Energetic Insurance Co-Founders, James Bowen & Jeff McAulay, speak with Jessica Krejcie at Dynamo Energy Hub about how Energetic Insurance works alongside renewable energy developers, banks, and property owners to help remove financing barriers.


June 14, 2021                          Oxbow Partners

10 Technologies Improving ESG in Insurance

Energetic Insurance is listed as one of the "10 Technologies improving ESG in Insurance" in a recent article by Oxbow Partners. "ESG has emerged as a hot topic in the last year, with many insurers placing it only second to COVID in terms of priorities...The pressure to show some form of commitment is mounting."


May 20, 2021                  InsurTech Talk Podcast

Spring Renewable Energy and Environmental Tax Credits Virtual Conference

James Bowen, CEO of Energetic Insurance, join Novogradac for an in-depth discussion on the impact of the ITC & PTC extensions on renewable energy projects.

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Oct. 14, 2020                           Insurtech Radio

InsurTech Radio Episode #052: Energetic Insurance - Creating a New Insurance Market in Solar Energy

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August 11, 2020                                      RStudio

Merging the Best Qualities of Data Science and Software Engineering


July 21, 2021                    My Climate Journey

How can Insurance Accelerate Renewable Project Deployment?

My Climate Journey's latest Start-up Series episode features Jeff McAulay, Co-Founder of Energetic Insurance. Jason Jacobs and Jeff McAulay discuss Energetic Insurance's mission and how insurance can accelerate renewable project deployment by removing financing barriers.


June 7, 2021                  Power Finance & Risk

Longroad Energy Refinances $24M C&I Portfolio with Fifth Third Bank using the EneRate Credit Cover™

The EneRate Credit Cover was used in a $24M C&I portfolio refinancing by Fifth Third BankLongroad EnergyEnergetic Insurance has now insured 140 projects across 12 US states with 5 different banks!


May 3, 2021                  InsurTech Talk Podcast

InsurTech Talk Podcast Ep. #31: Energetic Insurance - Credit Insurance in Renewable Energy

In this episode, James Bowen, CEO and Co-Founder of Energetic Insurance, joins Gilad Shai to talk about Credit Insurance in the renewal energy industry, the gap in underwriting loans, having great investors and paper providers.

Emily Kirsch Powerhouse Ventures Schneid

July 24, 2020                         Schneider Electric

Innovating in a crisis:

Emily Kirsch

Emily Kirsch, CEO of Powerhouse Ventures, discusses on the Schneider Electric’s new podcast, Innovation at the Edge, how startups like Energetic Insurance are working towards building the future of energy amidst COVID-19.

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April 01, 2020              Powerhouse

The Convergence of Crises: Coronavirus and Climate

"As consumers and corporations look to save money and cut costs, startups that increase efficiency and utilize smart financial mechanisms are particularly well-positioned".

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March 30, 2020  Solar Power World

EneRate Credit Cover® insurance policy applied to first C&I solar + storage project  

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Jan 24, 2020         Foley Hoag LLP

Foley Hoag Represents Energetic Insurance® in Its $2.7M Seed Investment

Solar Panels on Roof

Aug 22, 2019    Reinsurance News

First project to utilize SCOR-backed solar energy cover announced 

Credit Card

Aug 21, 2019    Solar Power World

Energetic Insurance® completes first EneRate Credit Cover policy®  

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April 08, 2019    Coverager

Start-up Debuts Solar Insurance Product

MGU Serving the Renewable Energy Industry announces a $2.5m Funding Round

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April 05, 2019  Green Tech Media

Start-up Debuts Solar Insurance Product