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A sizable and growing untapped middle market is unable to procure and/or develop renewable energy due to a lack of financing.


When traditional financiers review projects with unrated or sub-investment grade counterparties, they worry about repayment predictability.

Our insurance product, EneRate Credit Cover®, is built on a powerful underwriting engine that takes a wholistic view of project risk profiles. This allows us to look beyond pure credit risk and into the underlying probability of actual loss on electricity projects in ways that regulated financiers often cannot.


We issue policies on strong, investment-worthy projects that are reasonable risks but might have a counterparty or offtaker who does not have an investment grade credit rating.



We help financial service providers increase their book of business by expanding market access.


You don’t want to bring a deal to credit committee that won’t get approved, so you pass on (or don’t even look at) deals that have assessment hurdles or unique risks.


We understand the nuance of US and EU energy, electricity, and efficiency markets. We understand the interplay between sectoral nuances and repayment. We can underwrite and issue policies on those unique risks and can help you reach:

Middle market companies

Firms with approximately $100 million to $3 billion in annual revenue and significant assets, teams, products, or services. May trade as small-cap or micro-cap stocks, and bridging sectors – from manufacturing to retail and wholesale trade, to business and health services, and more. We also cover small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Subsidiaries or franchises

Entities that are fully owned or partially controlled by large corporate entities, or that are licensed under a parent company. These entities traditionally have weaker financial history or less comprehensive financial information and may not carry a parental guarantee.

Unrated entities including CCAs and municipal co-ops

A large swath of the market that includes any entity that is not publicly rated by nationally-recognized ratings organizations like S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch.


We help financiers identify and take on reasonable risk by giving them confidence that the funds they lend will be repaid, and interest will be secured.

Our AA- backed insurance policies provide financiers with confidence in principal and interest payments. Energetic Insurance policies are backed by highly-rated, global insurers. Financiers worried about missed payments, loan defaults, or clients becoming insolvent see our policies as a way to mitigate risk, gain predictability, and increase confidence in their ability to secure principal and interest payments.


With this added layer of defense, financiers are able to unlock and tap the middle market and other unique risks that they might have otherwise declined or lost due to higher credit-based spreads.


By harnessing credit protection, financiers may be more competitive with their bids and increase their win rate.


Financiers who work on blended portfolios or who deploy warehouse aggregation facilities can fill those facilities with greater ease by lowering the investment-grade ratio needed.


1. Submit basic project information in our customer portal – PPA documents, offtaker financials, and project pro-forma model

2. Our automated underwriting software rapidly produces an initial screen


3. We run the deal through our industry-leading proprietary actuarial and electricity price models


4. We deliver a non-binding pricing indication (NBI) within 2-5 days


5. Full application and diligence resulting in a final, bindable price quote


6. After the policy is bound, in the case of a valid financial loss, you notify us and begin the claims process


Whether you have energy project experience and want to deploy more capital, or if you are new to the space and want to secure low-risk opportunities, we can help.


Deploy more capital in less time

Integrate our policy with your credit committee process to enhance underwriting and enable faster closings for your customer channels.


Improve your risk adjusted return

The EneRate Credit Cover® product is accretive for institutional capital and your channel partners.


Create certainty in your investment

By protecting the cash flows from the offtaker to the project developer, we create more predictability and certainty for lenders and tax equity investors.


Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate your organization by offering competitive programs for unrated and below investment grade projects to your top channels.


Environmental Stewardship

Renewable energy and efficiency projects decrease fossil fuel reliance and carbon emissions. We help financiers invest more in clean energy.

Social Impact

Energetic Insurance can help financiers reach underserved markets which have traditionally been locked out of the clean energy economy.


Whether you are looking to meet your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals, or if you see the energy transition as a space ripe for investment and strong returns, we are here to help you gain unique market access.


Reach out to learn more about:

  • How to discuss EneRate Credit Cover® with your investment committee

  • Our in-depth due diligence and underwriting process

  • Strategies to price-in policy costs, while remaining competitive

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Energetic can help connect projects to capital, and capital to projects.

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