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Whether you are looking to meet your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals, or if you see the energy transition as a space ripe for investment and strong returns, we’re here to help.


Executives, investors, shareholders, and customers are increasingly focused on corporate impact. Companies are looking to decrease their carbon footprints and increase positive social impact. From the Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses, corporate buyers want to build solar projects, procure renewable energy, implement energy efficiency solutions, and decarbonize their supply chains. Demand for on- and off-site solutions is high, and accessing virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) can be especially competitive.


Meeting these goals can be challenging, especially if your company, its franchisees or subsidiaries, or suppliers are unrated or below investment grade.


Energetic Insurance can help you and your affiliates address corporate social responsibility (CSR), science based targets (SBT), and net zero goals.


Our policies are especially well-designed to help businesses reduce their scope 1 and scope 2 emissions. We make connections to developers and financiers who are eager to develop projects, facilitate procurement, and provide competitive financing.


Credit is often a hurdle for entities that are fully owned or partially controlled by large corporate entities, or that are licensed under a parent company. These entities may have weaker balance sheets and may not carry an upstream parental guarantee. This is also often the case in the commercial real estate (CRE) space when buildings are owned via a standalone LLC.


We help unlock financing for unrated or sub investment grade entities. When we issue a policy, financiers and developers benefit from our insurance partners' AA - /Aa3 credit ratings (in lieu of the offtakers'). Our AA- backed policies minimize credit concerns related to unrated and sub-investment grade offtakes and can give traditional financiers the confidence they need in repayment predictability to lend funds.


Decarbonizing your supply chain or meeting supply chain goals and quotas, especially scope 3 reduction targets, may be proving more challenging than you expected. Many corporate suppliers are unrated or sub-investment grade. We can connect your suppliers to development and financing partners willing to work with them on energy efficiency and renewable energy procurement and development projects.


We'd love to help you meet your corporate renewable energy procurement and ESG goals.


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