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We're in it together.


Energetic was founded by two friends who quickly saw that the best way to solve tough problems with elegant solutions is to build a company with the strongest team possible. We’re in it together and we work collaboratively to challenge the norms on our way to achieving goals. To attract the rigorous, inquisitive, and diverse talent we need to succeed, we’ve created people-centric practices and opportunities.

Sustainable Energy

Saving the planet - really

Working at Energetic Insurance allows you to positively impact the world every day. Every member of our team contributes to increasing renewable and distributed energy development, minimizing reliance on fossil fuels, decreasing emissions, and enabling those locked-out of traditional financial mechanisms access the capital they need to engage in the clean energy economy. Impact and sustainability are at our core.

Compensation & Professional Growth

In order to bring in great people to save the planet, we’ve created competitive compensation structures to reel in the strongest talent at the cleantech<>insurance<>finance nexus. We reward employees as they meet targets and outperform – both on an individual level and as a team as we achieve company targets. Growth and professional development opportunities abound; we work with all team members to support their career advancement goals. As a small company, we’ve got room for people to flex across multiple areas, try new things, and rise to the challenge, even as we grow and scale.

Organizing Data
Baby with Toys
Hammock Relaxing

Unlimited PTO you are Encouraged To Use

Everyone benefits from rest days. We work hard to deliver results – and deserve to rest and relax. Our unlimited paid time off (PTO) policy means you can take as much vacation as you want on top of scheduled holidays, when you want to, and we actually take the time. We let each other know when we will be out of office (zoned out on the beach, slopes, cooking, reading, playing board games at home with family), and are serious about encouraging team members to take time. Be a hero – don’t take zero (vacation).


We offer medical and dental benefits to all full-time employees, and thanks to our unlimited time off policy, it’s never a hassle to fit preventative or unexpected appointments (for you or family members) into your workday.


We trust our employees. Trust allows us to harness flexible work structures. As long as requisite work gets done, our team can work when they need to from where they need to.


We know sometimes it’s helpful to collaborate, ideate, whiteboard, and catch up on life in person. Many of us also appreciate a good cup of coffee (or espresso), healthy (and not-so-healthy) snacks, standing desks, an accessible location in a fun neighborhood, walking meetings, and versatile workspaces. We ensure the office has what our team needs and enjoys.

Baby with Toys

8-Weeks Gender Neutral
Parental Leave

Welcoming a new child? Congratulations! We’d love to meet them at a team outing in the future, but for now, take the time you need to bond, adjust, recalibrate, sleep (hopefully), and enjoy your growing family. We have a generous paid parental leave policy and encourage all employees, regardless of gender identity, to take 8-weeks paid leave, consecutively or over a longer and flexible schedule that works best for them.

Crib Mobile

Inclusivity & Authenticity

A strong team is an inclusive team that embraces sharing of diverse knowledge. We cultivate an environment in which employees feel they can be their authentic selves while being respected and appreciated by their colleagues. We actively seek new team members who our team can learn and grow from and who bring a diversity of perspective, experience, expertise, preference, culture, and background.

Dinner Table

Team Outings

We enjoy each other’s company. Whether it is lunches, dinners, mini-golf, batting cages, bumper boats (a must-do!), urban scavenger hunts, or overnight trips to fun destinations, we endeavor to take time to unplug and focus on the fun things in life. Of course, not everything needs to be planned – we’re up for the ad hoc weekend encounters on the trails, in and around Boston, etc. On our to-do list: ice skating, Boston Harbor boating, apple picking, 5ks and post-run refueling, and more.


We are low-ego, supportive, and collaborative. We have each others’ backs. We care about what we do, feel good about our work, and generally like to get to work each day (ok, ok, we do have those need-an-extra-cup-of-coffee mornings, but if those persist… time to take advantage of that unlimited PTO policy). 

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